Monolith Tool Spoke Wrench Set - Mavic

Spoke Wrench Set – Mavic


Set of 3 ergonomic spoke wrenches for Mavic Wheels Flower Spline Nipples.

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Product Description

These ergonomic spoke wrenches are designed for maximum comfort and precision fit to the wheel. They sit comfortably in your hand and have a non-marring slip fit over spoke nipples.

Contains set of three tools intended for use with Mavic wheels in a magnetic holder.

  • MAV 6
    • 6mm Nominal, 6-Spline
    • Yellow Top
  • MAV7
    • 7mm Nominal, 7-Spline
    • Black Top
  • 3.30mm
    • Equivalent to Monolith Orange
    • All-Yellow


  • Holder
    • “Lawful” style; the the tool faces align
    • 3 slots
    • magnets of 4kg pull strength

100% Made in the USA 

Additional Information

Weight 120 g
Dimensions 4 × 6 × 1 in