Who Are We? 

Monolith Tool is an outlet for my need to make better things. Or to make things better. Probably both.

I believe that ‘that’s the way we’ve always done it’ is ridiculous logic and it’s time we got together and started developing better ways.

Ergonomics. Ease of use. Direct measurements. Efficiency.

Solutions for problems you might not even know you have.


Why We Exist

Inspired by a reconstruction of the Wright Brothers’ 1903 bicycle workshop, I noticed that certain tools haven’t been meaningfully updated for over a century.

Monolith Tool was created to produce items that improve, quicken, and enhance the mechanic’s experience.

Our purpose is to provide items that allow you to be more efficient and have functional bodies when the business day ends. Made in the USA wherever possible.


Why “Monolith”?

Ever had a revelation, a spark, an insight? A moment of clarity?

A moment where the universe makes sense?

Monolith evokes that feeling through the imagery of being the ape, in the obelisk’s shadow, beholding something evolutionary.